Niagara Falls Comic Con With Toki

This past weekend was Niagara Falls Comic Con which Toki and myself attended. We met a few of the guests which were attending and even did a few photoshoots which were super fun!

This was a large comic book convention held in Niagara Falls, Canada and hosted many guests and attendees. As always I attended in costume and Toki accompanied me in a cute costume as well. She was on ‘semi-duty’ because the convention was so large and letting people pet her makes it much easier for me than telling people “no” every few seconds. It also gives me time to speak to people about Toki and her job. She remained in her vest under her costume for the times I was stopped by security. It was very helpful having Toki with me to navigate my way through the crowds and provide a touch when needed. I also sat a few times to pet her when I would get too anxious. For the most part though, I enjoyed myself and my time with friends.

The Dealer’s Room at this convention was a lot better than the last one I had been to. I notice the crowd was much older and less careless when walking around than the younger crowds. I also noticed a lot more medical devices being used and crowds staying clear. I am happy to say no one stepped or walked on Toki; which I always fear because she is so small. It was definitely a much better experience than the last convention I attended.

Some people ask me why I dress Toki up at conventions. I like to dress her up because she is always with me and I am an avid cosplayer. I love making costumes for her and seeing her wear them. It’s also a way for people to interact with Toki so I can explain her job and Service Dogs to people. I feel it is a great way to educate and even relate to people. The costumes are usually something I make to go with my own because I feel it is more fun for the both of us. I do know when Toki has had enough and will take her costume off. She is still able to preform her tasks and do her job but just in a cute costume. I have included some photos of Toki’s costumes for you all to see and appreciate the work I put into making it. She went as the ladybug peon from “Bee and Puppycat” which is a series on Youtube. My best friend Mazie Bones is dressed as Puppycat too.

I think this was one of my favourite conventions this year and it was great for Toki too. She got lots of love and sleep when she got back home. I am so happy to have her to go on adventures with. Here’s to many more good times together!

Service Dogs are best friends.

A special thank you to JDSerada Photography for the photo shoot we did! 

Photo by JD Serada Photography
Photo by JDSerada Photography
Photo by JDSerada Photography
Photo by JDSerada Photography
Photo by JDSerada Photography
Photo by JDSerada Photography
Photo by JDSerada Photography

One thought on “Niagara Falls Comic Con With Toki

  1. ssgt leslie July 7, 2015 / 2:11 pm

    Great post and photos. Looks like doggie goggles. Seriously thinking getting my sd Lizzy a pair.


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