Hamilton Comic Con

This Saturday Toki and I geared up for Hamilton Comic Con. I knew it was a busy place so I made sure to keep Toki’s safety in mind as well. We steered clear of crowds as best as we could and I had Cory with me to pick her up for me when I was nervous of situations where there were larger crowds (especially in high traffic areas like enterances). I was a little uncomfortable at first with people pointing at me or saying things to each other about myself or Toki. I eventually learned to ignore it and just have fun with my day as best I could. The one thing that really upset me though was the number of parents who just let their kids run up to my dog and pet her. I had one kid in particular who when I was stopped looking at something, decided it was a good time to sit on the floor and start petting Toki. His mother was completely oblivious to the situation and was over looking at something else. I tried to explain to the child that my dog was working and to please leave her alone. The kid decided to just look at me and then continue to pet Toki. I really was on the verge of screaming at the kids mother but instead just left the situation. It really annoyed me with the amount of parents who seemed like my dog was there for their kids entertainment. I will say though, there were a lot of parents there who made up for the others. I could hear them explaining Toki as a working dog and I even heard a few kids sound super excited to have seen a working dog. It definitely made me feel a lot better knowing that most people understood her role. We stayed for a few hours and even bought a few things. It was a great time and I look forward to our next adventure together. For now we are enjoying a relaxing Sunday! 

Here’s a photo from today:



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